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Magento Bug Killer

New Magento Javascript Malware Issues Found

Reports of a new Javascript Malware Issue in Magento have been posted on the security news website, it would appear that the exploit allows the attacker to extract credit card information by forwarding the information from your sites checkout pages to a remote site.

Magento SUPEE-6482

Magento More Security Enhancements for Magento

With the recent release of Magento are another group of security enhancements for Magento but sadly no fix to the Blocks_HTML Output Cache issue found in however we have a new workaround that seems to cope incredibly well.

Redis Cache with Magento

Redis Cache Backend and Session Storage for Magento

Probably the single biggest improvement you can make to a Magento installation is implementation of a fast cache backed for both backend cache files and session storage.

There are many cache implementations you can choose from including APC & Memcache however for the purposes of this blog we will focus on using Redis Cache for both Sessions and Backend Cache file storage.

Yoast SEO Team Magneto Tips

Magento SEO Tips from Yoast

Whilst looking for something completely unrelated on Yoasts website recently we stumbled upon a great article written by Joost de Valk the owner and creator of

A New Look for Latex, Leather and Lace

A New Look for Latex, Leather and Lace

Our flagship retail e-commerce site has been given a make over, de-cluttered, and fully optimised for mobiles and tablets.