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Google now using more Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

Google have now confirmed that they are using more Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords within their search algorithm using these LSI Keywords within your SEO strategy could vastly improve your results and help you rank higher for a wider range of keywords and phrases.

What are Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords?

In a nutshell LSI Keywords are semantically related words that are linked to your target keywords for a given page so if for example you have a page that is targeting the keywords ‘Go Karting’ the following list of LSI Keywords could apply:

go karting near me
outdoor go karting
indoor go karts nj
pole position farmingdale nz
go karting uk
o karting long island
go karting indianapolis
go kart racing for kids
go kart racing locations
local go kart tracks
indoor go kart racing
go karts for sale
on track go karting
on track karting wallingford ct
go karting in maryland
outdoor go karting near me
outdoor go karting in ct

The above results were generated using a web tools called LSIGraph which is available for FREE use online at Although you can also use other keyword analysis tools to get your list of LSI Keywords.

Now of course many of these related keywords will be of no use to your specific page, so you need to select the the ones that are, or adapt these keywords as necessary, for instance we are targeting a local business in the Leicester are so we will adapt some of the keywords to our own location as below.

go kart racing locations
on track go karting
go karting uk
go karting near me
go karting in leicester
go karting in leicestershire
outdoor go karting
outdoor go karting near me
outdoor go karting in leicester

This more relevant list will be the ones we use within our SEO for our target page.

How do I use LSI Keywords for SEO / SEM?


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