Whilst looking for something completely unrelated on Yoasts website recently we stumbled upon a great article written by  the owner and creator of Yoast.com detailing various tips for SEO on the Magento Platform, and given Yoasts status as SEO specialists form WordPress, we checked it out.

Having been through the article in detail we have to agree with 99% of whats there and it is certainly a well written guide, especially when he talks about speed and lightening the CSS/JS load, Canonical URL’s etc.

Yoast SEO Team Magneto Tips

Yoast SEO Team Magneto Tips

Although there is a little self promotion in the article with Joost offering most kindly to review your site for you for the meagre sum of $699, but then we all have to make a living somewhere.

This article is still well worth a read and makes some very valid points, it would be interesting in the future to see Yoast create an SEO Module for Magento and do a similar job to the one they have done on WordPress.

Check out the full article here. Magento SEO by Yoast