Project Description

FM Heels Magento Multi-Store

FM Heels is a Magento Multi-store over and existing store that we already deal with, this store was configured and templated by ourselves to host only their women’s and men’s footwear products so that we could do detailed SEO on more specific and targeted website.

Google much prefers to rank pages within targeted websites than from much more generic sites, so it makes sense that if you are already running a very generic Magento store and you have large specific product ranges which could be utilised as a website in their own right then why not use them.

Magento is more than capable of hosting many many stores from a single install, and the configuration process is relatively straight forward, however as with all things content is king and although the store itself can be added to Magento relatively quickly, the content must also be added manually and ideally with all products receiving new descriptions, titles and URL’s in order to give the new website 100% new content.