Project Description

James Agger Autosport

James Agger Autosport approached us at the beginning of July as there existing 13 year old IIS based based website was outdated and had been repeatedly compromised, they need a new fresh site and a new fresh approach.

In addition they were looking to do a a lot of the site maintenance themselves once it was up and running, so we only really had one choice, WordPress or WordPress, whats it to be?

Sadly James Agger Autosport’s existing web host were ceasing support for some of the technology used in their old IIS website from the end of July, so the old website was on borrowed time, and we had a tight schedule to work too, this website had to be delivered on time.

It has been a hard schedule to get all James Agger Autosport’s data converted over from their old Windows IIS / ASP Access .mdb database etc in MySQL and ultimately converted over into WordPress Posts, and Vehicle Listings etc, but with a little overtime we pulled it in for them. and you can see the results for yourselves.

There is more work yet to be done on this site, with lots of features still to be added and a massive amount of on site SEO to be done (over 3,000) old posts to get through and every one is a potential landing page, we feel this site is going to be just the job moving forward, and we hope James and his customers do too.

Don’t forget to checkout yourself for an example of our work.