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SSL Certificates Upgrade to HTTPS

Upgrade your site to SSL / HTTPS NOW! to avoid traffic loss from October the 1st

Back in august 2016 we published an article asking ‘Is NOW the right time move your website to SSL? ‘, we 12 months later on and we now have the answer to the question, the mood at google is increasingly anti insecure sites and on October the 1st Google Chrome will start displaying security warnings when you enter an insecure sites that uses forms, and we are not talking about the little symbol on the URL bar either.

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Secure your site with SSL to avoid traffic loss from Google Chrome
Secure your site with SSL to avoid traffic loss from Google Chrome

According to the latest research by ZD-Net Google Chrome currently runs around 44.5% of all browser requests, and that is a serious amount of traffic to lose if your site starts showing security warnings that push your potential customers away from your site and onto your competitors.

Safari is currently the No 2 browser with around 25% of all requests but this is totally eclipse by Chrome and you really can no longer ignore googles drive towards an entirely HTTPS / SSL secure web.

It is likely and certainly being touted that Google Chrome will ultimately show ‘Not Secure’ warning for all pages that are not served by SSL so the time is now to start converting your entire site over to SSL, if you need any help or advice then please feel free to contact our team.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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